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New Month, New Moon

New Moon in Libra 6th October 12:05BST

Oh hello new moon in Libra day!⚖️

The sun is shining brightly for you to start a new in just a short while 🤓It took me a lot of moon work to realise that on the day of the new moon, there still won’t be a bright beauty in the sky, she is still sitting comfy in the darkness, percolating on all that is to come ✨

This new moon, if you’re so inclined, take a moment for you to think on your dreams and wishes, if you could plant anything that you can water and grow what would it be? What might you like to bring to life over the coming six months?

This is the first new moon of autumn after last week’ equinox, it’s a wonderful and powerful time to plant those dreams and slowly, slowly start to water them!

It’s the half way point of the astrological year so you might like to think of this time as a mid year check in, giving you another juicy six months to getting making all that magick you’ve been dreaming of!

What wishes are you going to plant? I’m excited for some of mine, let’s see what will be a happening when we get to beautiful spring! 🌸

If you'd like to embrace the abundance of the new moon, set yourself aside some time and download this months new moon planner and start making some magick all of your own. There is no perfect time to work with the energies of the new and full moon, anytime within the 72 hours of the moon will do it 🤓

Stay tuned for more moon chatter 🤓🌙🌒or pop me a DM with your moon ponderment!

Moon Curious? Pop me an email or DM on Instagram.

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