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It's Not Just Nails


You can't beat that freshly painted feeling can you? The icing on the cake, the final touch, the touch that somehow transforms you back to feeling like you.


Getting your nails done is so much more than, just nails.


We all have that special reason why we love getting our nails painted, it's not just about the fresh shiny colour, it's about you reconnecting with yourself, taking some time out for you and above all else, feeling like the very best super hero version of who you are.


My nails used to be my armour, now they are my why.


We all need to let our light shine and remember what it feels like to really truly be us everyday, and handy enough, there's a magic little bottle that can do just that!

"I'm more me when when my nails are done"

Said every superwoman!

"Changing the world, one nail at a time"

Gabi Brown,

Nailtan Founder

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