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Sound Baths

Sound baths' are the ultimate, nothing required from you, form of self care, a moment for you to be you, and to not have to do anything other than show up, get comfortable, lie down and open yourself up to the soundwaves.


What is a Soundbath?

Sound baths soothe the mind, body & soul by guiding you to a state of deep relaxation in a more timely manner than traditional meditation. The combination of sound frequencies from the Tibetan bowls and other instruments, take you on a soundscape journey of relaxation, calmness & peace. You simply turn up, lie down or sit on the floor, close your eyes and listen to the sounds. 


Benefits of a Sound Bath?

Sound baths can increase overall well being, improve sleep, boost your mood and may reduce stress and anxiety. Sound can also be a powerful tool for healing and transformation. A sound bath experience is different for everybody and each experience can feel different depending on your energy and how you're feeling at the time. 


Monthly Sound Bath'

Sound baths are held monthly with seasonal workshops throughout the year touching on, Astrology, The moon Numerology & the seasons before softening into a soothing sound bath!


Private Sound Bath Bookings 

If you're looking for that something extra to add to your celebration, special occasions or event, you can book me to come along and share a sound bath with you and your guests. Simply Email me

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