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Whether you want to feel less like Casper or want to remember that back from the beach feeling, without stepping on a plane, then a spray tan is the answer! With a range of shades and development time available, there is a tan to suit you and your lifestyle. Tanning takes team work, do your prep and aftercare and your tan will love you as much as you love it! 



Pre-Tan Prep

24 Hours before your tan exfoliate from top to bottom and moisturise your body thoroughly, remembering elbows & knees! Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan to avoid speckles forming in hair follicles and to allow pores to close.


Prep, Prep, Prep

Before your tan begins, a light sweep of barrier cream will be applied to your elbows, inner arm, hands, knees & ankles to avoid those tell tale signs! You will also pop on a hair net and step on to sticky feet pads to avoid staining on the bottom of your feet. 



You tan in the tent! 

The tent pops up in minutes and can fit in most spaces! Your tan will take around ten minutes once you're prepped and in the tent. Your skin will be touch dry in a few minutes after your tan, when you can pop on loose dark clothing & carry on your day, or night. You just need to avoid water splashes & getting hot while your tan develops!


Maximising your tan

You can shower off your tan guide colour from an hour up to 8 hours after your tan (you don't have to sleep in your tan with the express!) Shower with shower gel until the water runs clear (this is super important!) Pat dry, don't rub! Moisturise after showering and continue to moisturise daily for a natural, even fade.

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