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Spray Tan Prep Tips

The secret to a flawless tan, prep like a boss and remember your aftercare routine!

Scrub & Hydrate

24 Hours before your tan exfoliate from top to bottom and moisturise your body thoroughly, remembering elbows & knees!

Remove any Fuzzies

Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan to avoid speckles forming in hair follicles and to allow pores to close.


On the day, don't moisturise your body (it can cause a barrier between the tan). Perfume & deodorant can cause green patches. Sunburn will make your tan patchy. Your tan may speckle if you shower before you spray!

After your Tan

Shower with shower gel until the water runs clear (this is super important!) Pat dry, don't rub! Slather on the moisturiser. For a natural, even fade, moisturise daily & exfoliate lightly after 3 days. Enjoy your tan!


You can choose from a range of Sienna X shades for your tan, you need to feel like you in your tan! The express tan can be showered off in 1-3 hours and the original tan after 8 hours. Tan in whatever you're comfortable in, underwear, bikini, your birthday suit, and have loose dark clothes for afterwards.

Here's to good times & tan lines!

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