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Mind Your Mind

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

You do nails, what's with the mind chat? Well, without the mind chat, there wouldn’t be any nails!

Understanding my mindset transformed my life!

If it wasn’t for minding my mind, I can guarantee I would still be sitting at my desk (albeit at home right now!) wondering if this was it, wondering when I would next get called to a meeting I’d had no time to prepare for, pulled up on something I hadn’t been working on but expected to know why it wasn’t working, sitting anxiously, wondering if the next day would be any different. Minding my mind and learning to understand my mindset has completely transformed my life, it hasn’t always been easy, sometimes far from it, but it has been so, so worth it and I wouldn’t change it.

Going against the expectations

When my colleagues heard I’d handed my notice in to go and ‘paint nails’ many said, oh well, if it doesn’t work, you can always go back to eCommerce, and I thought, well, it is going to work and I’m 100% determined to never go back to feeling like i was living in my shadow every day, constantly hiding behind a mask, not bringing my true to self to a place where I spent a huge chunk of my day.

I couldn’t hide anymore, It was time to make a change and one that I was doing for me and not anybody else. Going against the grain of what society expects from you, and 90% of everyone around you is tough, breaking the mould and doing the opposite is tough, but staying stuck where you are, not listening to your inner dialogue and ignoring those recurring thoughts and gentle nudges from the universe is tougher.

When you’ve been in an environment where you work hard, put your all in but aren’t appreciated, recognised, or congratulated, it starts to take it’s toll on you. When this pattern continues and another person’s weakness are projected on to you as an insult on your true being and you start to question whether you need to change, that’s when you need to change where you are. And that’s what took me over 6 years to do! Yes, it was a loooooooong time coming, but I had a lot to work through and when your opinion, thoughts, and words have been trampled, ignored and disregarded for so long, it takes a while to listen up and realise, that actually what you’ve got to say is valid, true and worthy of being shared.

When you’ve got so lost along the way and zoned out your intuition, it can take you a long time to get back home, but believe me, the pain, the struggle, and the tears are all worth it. These are the things we grow through and learn through, know that you will always make it out the other side, and you will be stronger than you ever were before.

Mastering your mind isn’t easy, it isn’t a quick fix, it takes time, it takes daily work, but working on your mind every day sure beats working for someone else who will never appreciate the master of your mind.

What mindset tips would you like to know? Is there anything that harnessing a positive mind could help you with? Let me know and I will see what I can put together! Email me

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