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Nailtan News: The Only Way Is Up!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

One step after the other, sounds simple doesn’t it, but oh my, some of those steps have felt heavy lately, anyone else with me?!

If you’re longing for that feeling of jumping for joy on top of a mountain, know you can do it ladies, don’t forget those mini peaks you are climbing everyday and what’s so important, now more than ever is to give yourself a big pat on the back and celebrate those moments, even those seemingly insignificant ones (like getting all the washing done and put away!) they all count and you are doing the very best you can.

So much has changed for so many of us and seems to be continually changing for what feels like every moment of every day, feelings of overwhelm can come and go even on the simplest of days. Embrace how you are feeling and be kind to yourself, be kind with your thoughts and how you speak to yourself, not just today, but every day.

Feeling and being positive some days can feel easier than others, people have said to me how can you be so positive, well, it’s partly in my nature(a Sagittarius trait if you’re into all of that!) but more importantly, it’s what got me through so many challenges while I was working in London and has continued to help power me through the never ending roller coaster ride that is running your own business! It's not always easy and not always the first thought but it's remembering to come back to that frame of mind, and knowing that you can change your thoughts! 

There is always something to be positive about, (even if it does mean trawling through the memory bank of days gone by, happy memories are just pure magic) and those moments are something to power you through those topsy turvy days! Hold on to the magic ladies, know that you can and you will get to the top of that mountain and yes, the sun will be shining, even if you have to close your eyes and dream! 

See you at the top ladies, thank you for continuing to climb with me, 

Gabi xx

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