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Why SolarOil™?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

For those of you who have sat with me at the nail desk, you will have met one of my kit bag favourites, yes, the one and only CND™ SolarOil™. If you only have one product in your at-home nail care routine,make it this one!

Why do I rave about it so much? Because it may be one product, but it has many benefits and can make the difference between ok nails and amazing nails, whether you are wearing them naked, wearing CND™ Shellac or enhancements.

So what is SolarOil™? It’s a synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails. Jojoba Oil helps carry Vitamin E into the skin to help reduce visible signs of aging, while the naturally light oils keep skin soft and supple. The blend of oils penetrates both the skin and the nails, and not just on the surface. The molecules in solar oil are small enough to penetrate through the many layers of your nail.

 CND SolarOil™

The bonus to this when wearing CND™ Shellac is that the molecules penetrate through your shellac nail coating meaning that your nails will be less likely to chip as they are hydrated, and not brittle!

Your nail coating will last longer when you use SolarOil™and the skin surrounding your nails will be hydrated, which means happier cuticles and less chance of hangnails, and dry cracked skin, perfect for the change in weather & winter!

You cannot over apply solar oil! The more the better. Apply at least once a day, twice is perfect. If you struggle to remember all the things we are ‘meant’ to do every day, pop your bottle beside the bed and apply just before you go to sleep to let it work miracles while you sleep!

SolarOil™ is also a great addition to help protect your nails and skin from the increased use of antibacterial hand gels which can be so drying on the skin and nails, I think we have probably all had those dry hand days recently!

Not got SolarOil™ in your life? You can buy one at your next appointment, or pop over to the shop and I can pop one in the post for you. Looking for an at home alternative? Avocado or jojoba oil will work wonders!

For happy healthy, hydrated nails, SolarOil™ is the one!

SolarOil™ is available in different sizes

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